Forget a garage, lets build a second home - what many Vancouverites are saying.


A Laneway home, known as a "coach home" on the Eastcoast where their existence is more prominent,  is essentially a secondary dwelling built in the rear yard of a home most commonly along the rear alley entrances of detached homes. 


The first Laneway homes in Vancouver were built in 2009, currently much regulation exists in their design and the potential for additional rental housing they could bring to the Vancouver market has not been fully utilized. This is what the city of Vancouver is trying to change, in an effort to increase housing for Metro Vancouver's growing population.






Relaxing design regulations for Laneway homes aims to promote increased construction of these 1-1.5 story homes. Currently, the average lanehome in Vancouver is 512 square feet and the proposed changes will allow for a maximum size of 680-1100 square feet, depending on the lot size of the existing home.


Lanefab - a company which specializes in the construction of these homes, has created some trendy laneway homes as seen in the pictures above. Expect this market to grow over the coming years and its adaptation to grow in municipalities outside of Vancouver. 


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